Trait diesel::associations::Identifiable [] [src]

pub trait Identifiable: HasTable {
    type Id: Hash + Eq;
    fn id(self) -> Self::Id;

Represents a struct which can be identified on a single table in the database. This must be implemented to use associations, and some features of updating. This trait is usually implemented on a reference to a struct, not the struct itself.


This trait can be automatically derived using diesel_codegen by adding #[derive(Identifiable)] to your struct. The primary key will be assumed to be a field and column called id. If it's not, you can annotate your structure with #[primary_key(your_id)] or #[primary_key(your_id, second_id)]. By default the table will be assumed to be the plural form of the struct name (using very dumb pluralization -- it just adds an s at the end). If your table name differs from that convention, or requires complex pluralization, it can be specified using #[table_name = "some_table_name"]. The inferred table name is considered public API and will never change without a major version bump.

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