Struct diesel::prelude::MysqlConnection[][src]

pub struct MysqlConnection { /* fields omitted */ }

A connection to a MySQL database. Connection URLs should be in the form mysql://[user[:password]@]host/database_name

Trait Implementations

impl<Changes, Output> UpdateAndFetchResults<Changes, Output> for MysqlConnection where
    Changes: Copy + Identifiable,
    Changes: AsChangeset<Target = <Changes as HasTable>::Table> + IntoUpdateTarget,
    Changes::Table: FindDsl<Changes::Id>,
    Update<Changes, Changes>: ExecuteDsl<MysqlConnection>,
    Find<Changes::Table, Changes::Id>: LoadQuery<MysqlConnection, Output>, 

See the traits documentation.

impl Send for MysqlConnection

impl SimpleConnection for MysqlConnection

Execute multiple SQL statements within the same string. Read more

impl Connection for MysqlConnection

The backend this type connects to

Establishes a new connection to the database Read more

Executes the given function inside of a database transaction Read more

Creates a transaction that will never be committed. This is useful for tests. Panics if called while inside of a transaction. Read more

Executes the given function inside a transaction, but does not commit it. Panics if the given function returns an error. Read more

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !Sync for MysqlConnection