Struct diesel::query_builder::DeleteStatement[][src]

pub struct DeleteStatement<T, U, Ret = NoReturningClause> { /* fields omitted */ }

Represents a SQL DELETE statement.

The type parameters on this struct represent:


impl<T, U> DeleteStatement<T, U, NoReturningClause>

Adds the given predicate to the WHERE clause of the statement being constructed.

If there is already a WHERE clause, the predicate will be appended with AND. There is no difference in behavior between delete(table.filter(x)) and delete(table).filter(x).


let deleted_rows = diesel::delete(users)
assert_eq!(Ok(1), deleted_rows);

let expected_names = vec!["Tess".to_string()];
let names =;

assert_eq!(Ok(expected_names), names);

Boxes the WHERE clause of this delete statement.

This is useful for cases where you want to conditionally modify a query, but need the type to remain the same. The backend must be specified as part of this. It is not possible to box a query and have it be useable on multiple backends.

A boxed query will incur a minor performance penalty, as the query builder can no longer be inlined by the compiler. For most applications this cost will be minimal.


let mut query = diesel::delete(users)

if params["sean_has_been_a_jerk"] {
    query = query.filter(name.eq("Sean"));

let deleted_rows = query.execute(&connection)?;
assert_eq!(1, deleted_rows);

let expected_names = vec!["Tess"];
let names =<String>(&connection)?;

assert_eq!(expected_names, names);

impl<T, U> DeleteStatement<T, U, NoReturningClause>

Specify what expression is returned after execution of the delete.


Deleting a record:

let deleted_name = diesel::delete(users.filter(name.eq("Sean")))
assert_eq!(Ok("Sean".to_string()), deleted_name);

Trait Implementations

impl<T: QueryId, U: QueryId, Ret: QueryId> QueryId for DeleteStatement<T, U, Ret>

A type which uniquely represents Self in a SQL query. Read more

    <Ret as QueryId>::HAS_STATIC_QUERY_ID && true

Can the SQL generated by Self be uniquely identified by its type? Read more

Returns the type id of Self::QueryId if Self::HAS_STATIC_QUERY_ID. Returns None otherwise. Read more

impl<T: Debug, U: Debug, Ret: Debug> Debug for DeleteStatement<T, U, Ret>

Formats the value using the given formatter. Read more

impl<T: Clone, U: Clone, Ret: Clone> Clone for DeleteStatement<T, U, Ret>

Returns a copy of the value. Read more

Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more

impl<T: Copy, U: Copy, Ret: Copy> Copy for DeleteStatement<T, U, Ret>

impl<T, U, Ret, Predicate> FilterDsl<Predicate> for DeleteStatement<T, U, Ret> where
    U: WhereAnd<Predicate>,
    Predicate: AppearsOnTable<T>, 

The type returned by .filter.

See the trait documentation.

impl<'a, T, U, Ret, DB> BoxedDsl<'a, DB> for DeleteStatement<T, U, Ret> where
    U: Into<BoxedWhereClause<'a, DB>>, 

The return type of internal_into_boxed

See the trait documentation.

impl<T, U, Ret, DB> QueryFragment<DB> for DeleteStatement<T, U, Ret> where
    DB: Backend,
    T: Table,
    T::FromClause: QueryFragment<DB>,
    U: QueryFragment<DB>,
    Ret: QueryFragment<DB>, 

Walk over this QueryFragment for all passes. Read more

Converts this QueryFragment to its SQL representation. Read more

Serializes all bind parameters in this query. Read more

Is this query safe to store in the prepared statement cache? Read more

impl<T, U> AsQuery for DeleteStatement<T, U, NoReturningClause> where
    T: Table,
    T::AllColumns: SelectableExpression<T>,
    DeleteStatement<T, U, ReturningClause<T::AllColumns>>: Query

The SQL type of Self::Query

What kind of query does this type represent?

Converts a type which semantically represents a SQL query into the actual query being executed. See the trait level docs for more. Read more

impl<T, U, Ret> Query for DeleteStatement<T, U, ReturningClause<Ret>> where
    T: Table,
    Ret: SelectableExpression<T>, 

The SQL type that this query represents. Read more

impl<T, U, Ret, Conn> RunQueryDsl<Conn> for DeleteStatement<T, U, Ret>

Executes the given command, returning the number of rows affected. Read more

Executes the given query, returning a Vec with the returned rows. Read more

Runs the command, and returns the affected row. Read more

Runs the command, returning an Vec with the affected rows. Read more

Attempts to load a single record. Read more

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<T, U, Ret> Send for DeleteStatement<T, U, Ret> where
    Ret: Send,
    T: Send,
    U: Send

impl<T, U, Ret> Sync for DeleteStatement<T, U, Ret> where
    Ret: Sync,
    T: Sync,
    U: Sync