Module diesel::backend

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Types which represent various database backends


  • sql_dialecti-implement-a-third-party-backend-and-opt-into-breaking-changes
    This module contains all options provided by diesel to configure the SqlDialect trait.


  • A database backend
  • DieselReserveSpecializationi-implement-a-third-party-backend-and-opt-into-breaking-changes
    This is a marker trait which indicates that diesel may specialize a certain QueryFragment impl in a later version. If you as a user encounter, where rustc suggests adding this a bound to a type implementing Backend consider adding the following bound instead YourQueryType: QueryFragment<DB> (the concrete bound is likely mentioned by rustc as part of a note: …
  • HasBindCollectori-implement-a-third-party-backend-and-opt-into-breaking-changes
    The bind collector type used to collect query binds for this backend
  • HasRawValuei-implement-a-third-party-backend-and-opt-into-breaking-changes
    The raw representation of a database value given to FromSql.
  • This trait provides various options to configure the generated SQL for a specific backend.
  • TrustedBackendi-implement-a-third-party-backend-and-opt-into-breaking-changes
    This trait just indicates that noone implements SqlDialect without enabling the i-implement-a-third-party-backend-and-opt-into-breaking-changes feature flag.

Type Definitions

  • A helper type to get the bind collector for a database backend. Equivalent to <DB as HasBindCollector<'a>>::BindCollector<'a>j
  • A helper type to get the raw representation of a database type given to FromSql. Equivalent to <DB as Backend>::RawValue<'a>.