[][src]Enum chrono::format::Item

pub enum Item<'a> {
    Literal(&'a str),
    Space(&'a str),

A single formatting item. This is used for both formatting and parsing.


Literal(&'a str)

A literally printed and parsed text.


Same to Literal but with the string owned by the item.

Space(&'a str)

Whitespace. Prints literally but reads zero or more whitespace.


Same to Space but with the string owned by the item.


Numeric item. Can be optionally padded to the maximal length (if any) when formatting; the parser simply ignores any padded whitespace and zeroes.


Fixed-format item.


Issues a formatting error. Used to signal an invalid format string.

Trait Implementations

impl<'a> Eq for Item<'a>[src]

impl<'a> Clone for Item<'a>[src]

impl<'a> PartialEq<Item<'a>> for Item<'a>[src]

impl<'a> Debug for Item<'a>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'a> Send for Item<'a>

impl<'a> Unpin for Item<'a>

impl<'a> Sync for Item<'a>

impl<'a> UnwindSafe for Item<'a>

impl<'a> RefUnwindSafe for Item<'a>

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