Struct diesel::pg::PgConnection[][src]

pub struct PgConnection { /* fields omitted */ }

The connection string expected by PgConnection::establish should be a PostgreSQL connection string, as documented at


impl PgConnection[src]

pub fn build_transaction(&self) -> TransactionBuilder<'_>[src]

Build a transaction, specifying additional details such as isolation level

See TransactionBuilder for more examples.

    .run(|| Ok(()))

Trait Implementations

impl Connection for PgConnection[src]

type Backend = Pg

The backend this type connects to

type TransactionManager = AnsiTransactionManager

impl Send for PgConnection[src]

impl SimpleConnection for PgConnection[src]

impl<Changes, Output> UpdateAndFetchResults<Changes, Output> for PgConnection where
    Changes: Copy + AsChangeset<Target = <Changes as HasTable>::Table> + IntoUpdateTarget,
    Update<Changes, Changes>: LoadQuery<PgConnection, Output>, 

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for PgConnection

impl !Sync for PgConnection

impl Unpin for PgConnection

impl UnwindSafe for PgConnection

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