[][src]Struct diesel::pg::PgMetadataLookup

#[repr(transparent)]pub struct PgMetadataLookup { /* fields omitted */ }

Determines the OID of types at runtime


impl PgMetadataLookup[src]

pub fn lookup_type(&self, type_name: &str) -> PgTypeMetadata[src]

Determine the type metadata for the given type_name

This function should only be used for user defined types, or types which come from an extension. This function may perform a SQL query to look up the type. For built-in types, a static OID should be preferred.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for PgMetadataLookup

impl Send for PgMetadataLookup

impl !Sync for PgMetadataLookup

impl Unpin for PgMetadataLookup

impl UnwindSafe for PgMetadataLookup

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