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Connection pooling via r2d2.

Note: This module requires enabling the r2d2 feature


Event subscriptions.


A builder for a connection pool.

An r2d2 connection manager for use with Diesel.

The error type returned by methods in this crate.

A “type map” used to associate data with pooled connections.

A HandleError implementation which logs at the error level.

A CustomizeConnection which does nothing.

A HandleError implementation which does nothing.

A HandleEvent implementation which does nothing.

A generic connection pool.

A smart pointer wrapping a connection.

Information about the state of a Pool.


The error used when managing connections with r2d2.


A trait which allows for customization of connections.

A trait which handles errors reported by the ManageConnection.

A trait which is provided with information about events in a connection pool.

A trait which provides connection-specific functionality.

Type Definitions

A re-export of r2d2::Error, which is only used by methods on r2d2::Pool.