[][src]Trait diesel::sql_types::ops::Mul

pub trait Mul {
    type Rhs;
    type Output;

Represents SQL types which can be multiplied.

Associated Types

type Rhs

The SQL type which this can be multiplied by

type Output

The SQL type of the result of multiplying Self by Rhs

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impl Mul for BigInt[src]

type Rhs = BigInt

type Output = BigInt

impl Mul for Double[src]

type Rhs = Double

type Output = Double

impl Mul for Float[src]

type Rhs = Float

type Output = Float

impl Mul for Integer[src]

type Rhs = Integer

type Output = Integer

impl Mul for Interval[src]

type Rhs = Integer

type Output = Interval

impl Mul for Numeric[src]

type Rhs = Numeric

type Output = Numeric

impl Mul for SmallInt[src]

impl<T> Mul for Unsigned<T> where
    T: Mul

type Rhs = Unsigned<T::Rhs>

type Output = Unsigned<T::Output>

impl<T> Mul for Nullable<T> where
    T: Mul + NotNull,
    T::Rhs: NotNull,
    T::Output: NotNull

type Rhs = Nullable<T::Rhs>

type Output = Nullable<T::Output>

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