[][src]Trait diesel::backend::HasRawValue

pub trait HasRawValue<'a> {
    type RawValue;

The raw representation of a database value given to FromSql.

This trait is separate from Backend to imitate type RawValue<'a>. It should only be referenced directly by implementors. Users of this type should instead use the RawValue helper type instead.

Associated Types

type RawValue

The actual type given to FromSql, with lifetimes applied. This type should not be used directly. Use the RawValue helper type instead.

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impl<'a> HasRawValue<'a> for Mysql[src]

type RawValue = MysqlValue<'a>

impl<'a> HasRawValue<'a> for Pg[src]

type RawValue = PgValue<'a>

impl<'a> HasRawValue<'a> for Sqlite[src]

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