Trait diesel::backend::HasRawValue[][src]

pub trait HasRawValue<'a> {
    type RawValue;

The raw representation of a database value given to FromSql.

This trait is separate from Backend to imitate type RawValue<'a>. It should only be referenced directly by implementors. Users of this type should instead use the RawValue helper type instead.

Associated Types

type RawValue[src]

The actual type given to FromSql, with lifetimes applied. This type should not be used directly. Use the RawValue helper type instead.

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impl<'a> HasRawValue<'a> for Mysql[src]

type RawValue = MysqlValue<'a>

impl<'a> HasRawValue<'a> for Pg[src]

type RawValue = PgValue<'a>

impl<'a> HasRawValue<'a> for Sqlite[src]

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