Trait diesel::prelude::QuerySource[][src]

pub trait QuerySource {
    type FromClause;
    type DefaultSelection: SelectableExpression<Self>;
    fn from_clause(&self) -> Self::FromClause;
fn default_selection(&self) -> Self::DefaultSelection; }

Represents a type which can appear in the FROM clause. Apps should not need to concern themselves with this trait.

Types which implement this trait include:

Associated Types

type FromClause[src]

The type returned by from_clause

type DefaultSelection: SelectableExpression<Self>[src]

The type returned by default_selection

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Required methods

fn from_clause(&self) -> Self::FromClause[src]

The actual FROM clause of this type. This is typically only called in QueryFragment implementations.

fn default_selection(&self) -> Self::DefaultSelection[src]

The default select clause of this type, which should be used if no select clause was explicitly specified. This should always be a tuple of all the desired columns, not star

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