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Re-exports important traits and types. Meant to be glob imported when using Diesel.


pub use associations::Identifiable;
pub use connection::Connection;
pub use deserialize::Queryable;
pub use expression::AppearsOnTable;
pub use expression::BoxableExpression;
pub use expression::Expression;
pub use expression::IntoSql;
pub use expression::SelectableExpression;
pub use expression_methods::*;
pub use query_dsl::QueryDsl;
pub use query_dsl::RunQueryDsl;
pub use query_source::Column;
pub use query_source::QuerySource;
pub use query_source::Table;
pub use result::ConnectionError;
pub use result::ConnectionResult;
pub use result::OptionalExtension;
pub use result::QueryResult;


A connection to a MySQL database. Connection URLs should be in the form mysql://[user[:password]@]host/database_name

The connection string expected by PgConnection::establish should be a PostgreSQL connection string, as documented at

Connections for the SQLite backend. Unlike other backends, “connection URLs” for SQLite are file paths, URIs, or special identifiers like :memory:.


Constructs a query that finds record(s) based on directional association with other record(s).

The grouped_by function groups records by their parent.

Represents that a structure can be used to insert a new row into the database. This is automatically implemented for &[T] and &Vec<T> for inserting more than one record.

Specify the ON clause for a join statement. This will override any implicit ON clause that would come from joinable!

Indicates that two tables can be joined without an explicit ON clause.

Sugar for types which implement both AsChangeset and Identifiable