Trait diesel::prelude::BelongingToDsl[][src]

pub trait BelongingToDsl<T> {
    type Output;
    fn belonging_to(other: T) -> Self::Output;
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Constructs a query that finds record(s) based on directional association with other record(s).


let sean = users.filter(name.eq("Sean")).first::<User>(&connection)?;
let tess = users.filter(name.eq("Tess")).first::<User>(&connection)?;

let seans_posts = Post::belonging_to(&sean)
assert_eq!(vec!["My first post", "About Rust"], seans_posts);

// A vec or slice can be passed as well
let more_posts = Post::belonging_to(&vec![sean, tess])
assert_eq!(vec!["My first post", "About Rust", "My first post too"], more_posts);

Associated Types

The query returned by belonging_to

Required methods

Get the record(s) belonging to record(s) other