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Types which represent a SQL data type.

The structs in this module are only used as markers to represent a SQL type. They should never be used in your structs. If you’d like to know the rust types which can be used for a given SQL type, see the documentation for that SQL type. Additional types may be provided by other crates.

To see which SQL type can be used with a given Rust type, see the “Implementors” section of FromSql.

Any backend specific types are re-exported through this module


pub use pg::types::sql_types::*;
pub use mysql::types::*;


Represents the output of numeric operators in SQL


The big integer SQL type.

The binary SQL type.

The boolean SQL type.

The date SQL type.

The double precision float SQL type.

The float SQL type.

The integer SQL type.

The interval SQL type.

The nullable SQL type.

The arbitrary precision numeric SQL type.

The small integer SQL type.

The text SQL type.

The time SQL type.

The timestamp SQL type.

The tiny integer SQL type.


Represents SQL types which can be used with SUM and AVG

Indicates that a SQL type exists for a backend.

Converts a type which may or may not be nullable into its nullable representation.

A marker trait indicating that a SQL type is not null.

A marker trait indicating that a SQL type represents a single value, as opposed to a list of values.

Marker trait for types which can be used with MAX and MIN

Information about how a backend stores metadata about given SQL types

Type Definitions

Alias for Numeric