Struct r2d2::Pool[][src]

pub struct Pool<M>(_)
    M: ManageConnection

A generic connection pool.


impl<M> Pool<M> where
    M: ManageConnection

pub fn new(manager: M) -> Result<Pool<M>, Error>[src]

Creates a new connection pool with a default configuration.

pub fn builder() -> Builder<M>[src]

Returns a builder type to configure a new pool.

pub fn get(&self) -> Result<PooledConnection<M>, Error>[src]

Retrieves a connection from the pool.

Waits for at most the configured connection timeout before returning an error.

pub fn get_timeout(
    timeout: Duration
) -> Result<PooledConnection<M>, Error>

Retrieves a connection from the pool, waiting for at most timeout

The given timeout will be used instead of the configured connection timeout.

pub fn try_get(&self) -> Option<PooledConnection<M>>[src]

Attempts to retrieve a connection from the pool if there is one available.

Returns None if there are no idle connections available in the pool. This method will not block waiting to establish a new connection.

pub fn state(&self) -> State[src]

Returns information about the current state of the pool.

pub fn max_size(&self) -> u32[src]

Returns the configured maximum pool size.

pub fn min_idle(&self) -> Option<u32>[src]

Returns the configured mimimum idle connection count.

pub fn test_on_check_out(&self) -> bool[src]

Returns if the pool is configured to test connections on check out.

pub fn max_lifetime(&self) -> Option<Duration>[src]

Returns the configured maximum connection lifetime.

pub fn idle_timeout(&self) -> Option<Duration>[src]

Returns the configured idle connection timeout.

pub fn connection_timeout(&self) -> Duration[src]

Returns the configured connection timeout.

Trait Implementations

impl<M> Clone for Pool<M> where
    M: ManageConnection

Returns a new Pool referencing the same state as self.

impl<M> Debug for Pool<M> where
    M: ManageConnection + Debug

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<M> !RefUnwindSafe for Pool<M>

impl<M> Send for Pool<M>

impl<M> Sync for Pool<M>

impl<M> Unpin for Pool<M>

impl<M> !UnwindSafe for Pool<M>

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