pub trait BindCollector<'a, DB: TypeMetadata>: Sized {
    type Buffer;

    fn push_bound_value<T, U>(
        &mut self,
        bind: &'a U,
        metadata_lookup: &mut DB::MetadataLookup
    ) -> QueryResult<()>
        DB: Backend + HasSqlType<T>,
        U: ToSql<T, DB> + 'a
; }
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A type which manages serializing bind parameters during query construction.

The only reason you would ever need to interact with this trait is if you are adding support for a new backend to Diesel. Plugins which are extending the query builder will use AstPass::push_bind_param instead.

Required Associated Types§

The internal buffer type used by this bind collector

Required Methods§

Serializes the given bind value, and collects the result.