pub trait RowGatWorkaround<'a, DB: Backend> {
    type Field: Field<'a, DB>;
Available on crate feature i-implement-a-third-party-backend-and-opt-into-breaking-changes only.
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A helper trait to indicate the life time bound for a field returned by Row::get

Required Associated Types§


type Field: Field<'a, DB>

Field type returned by a Row implementation

  • Crates using existing backend should not concern themself with the concrete type of this associated type.

  • Crates implementing custom backends should provide their own type meeting the required trait bounds



impl<'a, 'b, DB, R> RowGatWorkaround<'a, DB> for PartialRow<'b, R>where DB: Backend, R: RowGatWorkaround<'a, DB>,


type Field = <R as RowGatWorkaround<'a, DB>>::Field