Trait diesel::query_builder::SelectQuery

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pub trait SelectQuery {
    type SqlType;
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Indicates that a type is a SELECT statement.

This trait differs from Query in two ways:

  • It is implemented only for select statements, rather than all queries which return a value.
  • It has looser constraints. A type implementing SelectQuery is known to be potentially valid if used as a subselect, but it is not necessarily able to be executed.

Required Associated Types§


type SqlType

The SQL type of the SELECT clause



impl<'a, ST, QS, DB, GB> SelectQuery for BoxedSelectStatement<'a, ST, QS, DB, GB>
where DB: Backend,


type SqlType = ST


impl<F, S, D, W, O, LOf, G, H, LC> SelectQuery for SelectStatement<F, S, D, W, O, LOf, G, H, LC>
where S: SelectClauseExpression<F>, O: ValidOrderingForDistinct<D>,