Trait diesel::r2d2::CustomizeConnection

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pub trait CustomizeConnection<C, E>: Debug + Send + Sync + 'static {
    // Provided methods
    fn on_acquire(&self, conn: &mut C) -> Result<(), E> { ... }
    fn on_release(&self, conn: C) { ... }
Available on crate feature r2d2 only.
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A trait which allows for customization of connections.

Provided Methods§


fn on_acquire(&self, conn: &mut C) -> Result<(), E>

Called with connections immediately after they are returned from ManageConnection::connect.

The default implementation simply returns Ok(()).


If this method returns an error, the connection will be discarded.


fn on_release(&self, conn: C)

Called with connections when they are removed from the pool.

The connections may be broken (as reported by is_valid or has_broken), or have simply timed out.

The default implementation does nothing.