Module diesel::deserialize

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Types and traits related to deserializing values from the database


  • Deserialize a single field of a given SQL type.
  • Deserialize a database row into a rust data structure
  • A helper trait to deserialize a statically sized row into a tuple
  • Trait indicating that a record can be queried from the database.
  • Deserializes the result of a query constructed with sql_query.
  • A marker trait indicating that the corresponding type consumes a static at compile time known number of field

Type Aliases§

  • A specialized result type representing the result of deserializing a value from the database.

Derive Macros§

  • Implements Queryable for types that correspond to a single SQL type. The type must implement FromSql.
  • Implements Queryable to load the result of statically typed queries
  • Implements QueryableByName for untyped sql queries, such as that one generated by sql_query