Type Alias diesel::dsl::Values

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pub type Values<I, U> = InsertStatement<<I as InsertAutoTypeHelper>::Table, <U as Insertable<<I as InsertAutoTypeHelper>::Table>>::Values, <I as InsertAutoTypeHelper>::Op>;
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Represents the return type of IncompleteInsertStatement::values()

Aliased Type§

struct Values<I, U> {
    pub operator: <I as InsertAutoTypeHelper>::Op,
    pub target: <I as InsertAutoTypeHelper>::Table,
    pub records: <U as Insertable<<I as InsertAutoTypeHelper>::Table>>::Values,
    pub returning: NoReturningClause,
    /* private fields */


§operator: <I as InsertAutoTypeHelper>::Op

The operator used by this InsertStatement

Corresponds to either Insert or Replace

§target: <I as InsertAutoTypeHelper>::Table

The table we are inserting into

§records: <U as Insertable<<I as InsertAutoTypeHelper>::Table>>::Values

The data which should be inserted

§returning: NoReturningClause

An optional returning clause