Trait diesel::expression::SelectableHelper[][src]

pub trait SelectableHelper<DB: Backend>: Selectable<DB> + Sized {
    fn as_select() -> SelectBy<Self, DB>;

    fn as_returning() -> SelectBy<Self, DB> { ... }

This helper trait provides several methods for constructing a select or returning clause based on a Selectable implementation.

Required methods

fn as_select() -> SelectBy<Self, DB>[src]

Construct a select clause based on a Selectable implementation.

The returned select clause enforces that you use the same type for constructing the select clause and for loading the query result into.

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Provided methods

fn as_returning() -> SelectBy<Self, DB>[src]

An alias for as_select that can be used with returning clauses

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impl<T, DB> SelectableHelper<DB> for T where
    T: Selectable<DB>,
    DB: Backend

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