Trait diesel::query_builder::MoveableBindCollector

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pub trait MoveableBindCollector<DB: TypeMetadata> {
    type BindData: Send + 'static;

    // Required methods
    fn moveable(&self) -> Self::BindData;
    fn append_bind_data(&mut self, from: &Self::BindData);
Available on crate feature i-implement-a-third-party-backend-and-opt-into-breaking-changes only.
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A movable version of the bind collector which allows it to be extracted, moved and refilled.

This is mostly useful in async context where bind data needs to be moved across threads.

Required Associated Types§


type BindData: Send + 'static

The movable bind data of this bind collector

Required Methods§


fn moveable(&self) -> Self::BindData

Builds a movable version of the bind collector


fn append_bind_data(&mut self, from: &Self::BindData)

Refill the bind collector with its bind data



impl<DB> MoveableBindCollector<DB> for RawBytesBindCollector<DB>
where for<'a> DB: Backend<BindCollector<'a> = Self> + TypeMetadata + 'static, <DB as TypeMetadata>::TypeMetadata: Clone + Send,