Trait diesel::sql_types::ops::Mul[][src]

pub trait Mul {
    type Rhs: SqlType;
    type Output: SqlType;

Represents SQL types which can be multiplied.

Associated Types

type Rhs: SqlType[src]

The SQL type which this can be multiplied by

type Output: SqlType[src]

The SQL type of the result of multiplying Self by Rhs

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impl Mul for BigInt[src]

type Rhs = BigInt

type Output = BigInt

impl Mul for Double[src]

type Rhs = Double

type Output = Double

impl Mul for Float[src]

type Rhs = Float

type Output = Float

impl Mul for Integer[src]

type Rhs = Integer

type Output = Integer

impl Mul for Interval[src]

type Rhs = Integer

type Output = Interval

impl Mul for Numeric[src]

type Rhs = Numeric

type Output = Numeric

impl Mul for SmallInt[src]

impl<T> Mul for Unsigned<T> where
    T: Mul

type Rhs = Unsigned<T::Rhs>

type Output = Unsigned<T::Output>

impl<T> Mul for Nullable<T> where
    T: Mul + SqlType<IsNull = NotNull>,
    T::Rhs: SqlType<IsNull = NotNull>,
    T::Output: SqlType<IsNull = NotNull>, 

type Rhs = Nullable<T::Rhs>

type Output = Nullable<T::Output>

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