pub trait ManageConnection: 'static + Send + Sync {
    type Connection: 'static + Send;
    type Error: 'static + Error;

    fn connect(&self) -> Result<Self::Connection, Self::Error>;
    fn is_valid(&self, conn: &mut Self::Connection) -> Result<(), Self::Error>;
    fn has_broken(&self, conn: &mut Self::Connection) -> bool;
Available on crate feature r2d2 only.
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A trait which provides connection-specific functionality.

Required Associated Types

The connection type this manager deals with.

The error type returned by Connections.

Required Methods

Attempts to create a new connection.

Determines if the connection is still connected to the database.

A standard implementation would check if a simple query like SELECT 1 succeeds.

Quickly determines if the connection is no longer usable.

This will be called synchronously every time a connection is returned to the pool, so it should not block. If it returns true, the connection will be discarded.

For example, an implementation might check if the underlying TCP socket has disconnected. Implementations that do not support this kind of fast health check may simply return false.