pub trait R2D2Connection: Connection {
    // Required method
    fn ping(&mut self) -> QueryResult<()>;

    // Provided method
    fn is_broken(&mut self) -> bool { ... }
Available on crate feature r2d2 only.
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A trait indicating a connection could be used inside a r2d2 pool

Required Methods§


fn ping(&mut self) -> QueryResult<()>

Check if a connection is still valid

Provided Methods§


fn is_broken(&mut self) -> bool

Checks if the connection is broken and should not be reused

This method should return only contain a fast non-blocking check if the connection is considered to be broken or not. See ManageConnection::has_broken for details.

The default implementation does not consider any connection as broken



impl R2D2Connection for MysqlConnection

Available on crate features mysql and mysql_backend only.

impl R2D2Connection for PgConnection

Available on crate features postgres and postgres_backend only.

impl R2D2Connection for SqliteConnection

Available on crate feature sqlite only.