Trait diesel::prelude::Table

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pub trait Table: QuerySource + AsQuery + Sized {
    type PrimaryKey: SelectableExpression<Self> + ValidGrouping<()>;
    type AllColumns: SelectableExpression<Self> + ValidGrouping<()>;

    // Required methods
    fn primary_key(&self) -> Self::PrimaryKey;
    fn all_columns() -> Self::AllColumns;
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A SQL database table. Types which implement this trait should have been generated by the table! macro.

Required Associated Types§


type PrimaryKey: SelectableExpression<Self> + ValidGrouping<()>

The type returned by primary_key


type AllColumns: SelectableExpression<Self> + ValidGrouping<()>

The type returned by all_columns

Required Methods§


fn primary_key(&self) -> Self::PrimaryKey

Returns the primary key of this table.

If the table has a composite primary key, this will be a tuple.


fn all_columns() -> Self::AllColumns

Returns a tuple of all columns belonging to this table.

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.



impl<S> Table for Only<S>

Available on crate feature postgres_backend only.