Function diesel::upsert::on_constraint

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pub fn on_constraint(constraint_name: &str) -> OnConstraint<'_>
Available on crate feature postgres_backend only.
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Used to specify the constraint name for an upsert statement in the form ON CONFLICT ON CONSTRAINT. Note that constraint_name must be the name of a unique constraint, not the name of an index.


use diesel::upsert::*;

diesel::sql_query("ALTER TABLE users ADD CONSTRAINT users_name UNIQUE (name)")
let user = User { id: 1, name: "Sean" };
let same_name_different_id = User { id: 2, name: "Sean" };
let same_id_different_name = User { id: 1, name: "Pascal" };

assert_eq!(Ok(1), diesel::insert_into(users).values(&user).execute(conn));

let inserted_row_count = diesel::insert_into(users)
assert_eq!(Ok(0), inserted_row_count);

let pk_conflict_result = diesel::insert_into(users)