Module diesel::upsert

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Types and functions related to PG’s and Sqlite’s ON CONFLICT clause

Upsert is currently supported by diesel for the following database systems:

  • PostgreSQL version 9.5 or newer
  • Sqlite3 version 3.24.0 or newer
  • MySQL version 5.7 or newer

See the methods on InsertStatement for usage examples.

Constructing an upsert statement from an existing select statement requires a where clause on sqlite due to a ambiguity in their parser. See the corresponding documentation for details.



  • Interface to add information to conflict targets. Designed to be open for further additions to conflict targets like constraints


  • Represents excluded.column in an ON CONFLICT DO UPDATE clause.
  • on_constraintpostgres_backend
    Used to specify the constraint name for an upsert statement in the form ON CONFLICT ON CONSTRAINT. Note that constraint_name must be the name of a unique constraint, not the name of an index.