Module diesel::query_dsl

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Traits that construct SELECT statements

Traits in this module have methods that generally map to the keyword for the corresponding clause in SQL, unless it conflicts with a Rust keyword (such as WHERE/where).

Methods for constructing queries lives on the QueryDsl trait. Methods for executing queries live on RunQueryDsl.

See also expression_methods and dsl.


  • pub use self::join_dsl::InternalJoinDsl;
  • pub use self::join_dsl::JoinWithImplicitOnClause;


  • The traits used by QueryDsl.


  • Constructs a query that finds record(s) based on directional association with other record(s).
  • Extension trait to combine queries using a combinator like UNION, INTERSECT or EXCEPT with or without ALL rule for duplicates
  • CompatibleTypei-implement-a-third-party-backend-and-opt-into-breaking-changes
  • Specify the ON clause for a join statement. This will override any implicit ON clause that would come from joinable!
  • Methods used to construct select statements.
  • Methods used to execute queries.
  • Sugar for types which implement both AsChangeset and Identifiable
  • A trait defining how to update a record and fetch the updated entry on a certain backend.