Trait diesel::query_builder::QueryBuilder

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pub trait QueryBuilder<DB: Backend> {
    // Required methods
    fn push_sql(&mut self, sql: &str);
    fn push_identifier(&mut self, identifier: &str) -> QueryResult<()>;
    fn push_bind_param(&mut self);
    fn finish(self) -> String;

    // Provided method
    fn push_bind_param_value_only(&mut self) { ... }
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Constructs a SQL query from a Diesel AST.

The only reason you should ever need to interact with this trait is if you are extending Diesel with support for a new backend. Plugins which extend the query builder with new capabilities will interact with AstPass instead.

Required Methods§


fn push_sql(&mut self, sql: &str)

Add sql to the end of the query being constructed.


fn push_identifier(&mut self, identifier: &str) -> QueryResult<()>

Quote identifier, and add it to the end of the query being constructed.


fn push_bind_param(&mut self)

Add a placeholder for a bind parameter to the end of the query being constructed.


fn finish(self) -> String

Returns the constructed SQL query.

Provided Methods§


fn push_bind_param_value_only(&mut self)

Increases the internal counter for bind parameters without adding the bind parameter itself to the query



impl QueryBuilder<Mysql> for MysqlQueryBuilder

Available on crate feature mysql_backend only.

impl QueryBuilder<Pg> for PgQueryBuilder

Available on crate feature postgres_backend only.

impl QueryBuilder<Sqlite> for SqliteQueryBuilder

Available on crate feature sqlite only.