pub trait UpdateAndFetchResults<Changes, Output>: Connection {
    // Required method
    fn update_and_fetch(&mut self, changeset: Changes) -> QueryResult<Output>;
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A trait defining how to update a record and fetch the updated entry on a certain backend.

The only case where it is required to work with this trait is while implementing a new connection type. Otherwise use SaveChangesDsl

For implementing this trait for a custom backend:

  • The Changes generic parameter represents the changeset that should be stored
  • The Output generic parameter represents the type of the response.

Required Methods§


fn update_and_fetch(&mut self, changeset: Changes) -> QueryResult<Output>

See the traits documentation.

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.



impl<'b, Changes, Output> UpdateAndFetchResults<Changes, Output> for PgConnectionwhere Changes: Copy + AsChangeset<Target = <Changes as HasTable>::Table> + IntoUpdateTarget, Update<Changes, Changes>: LoadQuery<'b, PgConnection, Output>, <Changes::Table as Table>::AllColumns: ValidGrouping<()>, <<Changes::Table as Table>::AllColumns as ValidGrouping<()>>::IsAggregate: MixedAggregates<No, Output = No>,

Available on crate feature postgres only.