Module diesel::query_dsl

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Traits that construct SELECT statements

Traits in this module have methods that generally map to the keyword for the corresponding clause in SQL, unless it conflicts with a Rust keyword (such as WHERE/where).

Methods for constructing queries lives on the QueryDsl trait. Methods for executing queries live on RunQueryDsl.

See also expression_methods and dsl.


The traits used by QueryDsl.


Constructs a query that finds record(s) based on directional association with other record(s).
Extension trait to combine queries using a combinator like UNION, INTERSECT or EXPECT with or without ALL rule for duplicates
Specify the ON clause for a join statement. This will override any implicit ON clause that would come from joinable!
Methods used to construct select statements.
Methods used to execute queries.
Sugar for types which implement both AsChangeset and Identifiable
A trait defining how to update a record and fetch the updated entry on a certain backend.