Trait diesel::row::Field[][src]

pub trait Field<'a, DB: Backend> {
    fn field_name(&self) -> Option<&'a str>;
fn value(&self) -> Option<RawValue<'a, DB>>; fn is_null(&self) -> bool { ... } }

Represents a single field in a database row.

This trait allows retrieving information on the name of the colum and on the value of the field.

Required methods

fn field_name(&self) -> Option<&'a str>[src]

The name of the current field

Returns None if it’s an unnamed field

fn value(&self) -> Option<RawValue<'a, DB>>[src]

Get the value representing the current field in the raw representation as it is transmitted by the database

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Provided methods

fn is_null(&self) -> bool[src]

Checks whether this field is null or not.

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