Trait diesel::row::Row[][src]

pub trait Row<'a, DB: Backend>: RowIndex<usize> + for<'b> RowIndex<&'b str> + for<'b> RowGatWorkaround<'b, DB> + Sized {
    fn field_count(&self) -> usize;
fn get<'b, I>(
        &'b self,
        idx: I
    ) -> Option<<Self as RowGatWorkaround<'b, DB>>::Field>
        'a: 'b,
        Self: RowIndex<I>
; fn get_value<ST, T, I>(&self, idx: I) -> Result<T>
        Self: RowIndex<I>,
        T: FromSql<ST, DB>
, { ... } }
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Represents a single database row.

This trait is used as an argument to FromSqlRow.

Required methods

Get the number of fields in the current row

Get the field with the provided index from the row.

Returns None if there is no matching field for the given index

Provided methods

Get a deserialized value with the provided index from the row.