Module diesel::mysql

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Available on crate feature mysql_backend only.
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Provides types and functions related to working with MySQL

Much of this module is re-exported from database agnostic locations. However, if you are writing code specifically to extend Diesel on MySQL, you may need to work with this module directly.


  • Data structures for MySQL types which have no corresponding Rust type
  • MySQL specific sql types


  • The MySQL backend
  • A connection to a MySQL database. Connection URLs should be in the form mysql://[user[:password]@]host/database_name[?unix_socket=socket-path&ssl_mode=SSL_MODE*&ssl_ca=/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt&ssl_cert=/etc/ssl/certs/client-cert.crt&ssl_key=/etc/ssl/certs/client-key.crt]
  • The MySQL query builder
  • Raw mysql value as received from the database


  • Represents possible types, that can be transmitted as via the Mysql wire protocol
  • Represents all possible forms MySQL transmits integers