Trait diesel::query_builder::AsQuery[][src]

pub trait AsQuery {
    type SqlType;
    type Query: Query<SqlType = Self::SqlType>;
    fn as_query(self) -> Self::Query;

Types that can be converted into a complete, typed SQL query.

This is used internally to automatically add the right select clause when none is specified, or to automatically add RETURNING * in certain contexts.

A type which implements this trait is guaranteed to be valid for execution.

Associated Types

type SqlType[src]

The SQL type of Self::Query

type Query: Query<SqlType = Self::SqlType>[src]

What kind of query does this type represent?

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Required methods

fn as_query(self) -> Self::Query[src]

Converts a type which semantically represents a SQL query into the actual query being executed. See the trait level docs for more.

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impl<T, U> AsQuery for DeleteStatement<T, U, NoReturningClause> where
    T: Table,
    T::AllColumns: SelectableExpression<T>,
    DeleteStatement<T, U, ReturningClause<T::AllColumns>>: Query

type SqlType = <Self::Query as Query>::SqlType

type Query = DeleteStatement<T, U, ReturningClause<T::AllColumns>>

impl<T, U, Op> AsQuery for InsertStatement<T, U, Op, NoReturningClause> where
    T: Table,
    InsertStatement<T, U, Op, ReturningClause<T::AllColumns>>: Query

type SqlType = <Self::Query as Query>::SqlType

type Query = InsertStatement<T, U, Op, ReturningClause<T::AllColumns>>

impl<T, U, V> AsQuery for UpdateStatement<T, U, V, NoReturningClause> where
    T: Table,
    UpdateStatement<T, U, V, ReturningClause<T::AllColumns>>: Query,
    T::AllColumns: ValidGrouping<()>,
    <T::AllColumns as ValidGrouping<()>>::IsAggregate: MixedAggregates<No, Output = No>, 

type SqlType = <Self::Query as Query>::SqlType

type Query = UpdateStatement<T, U, V, ReturningClause<T::AllColumns>>

impl<T: Query> AsQuery for T[src]

type SqlType = Self::SqlType

type Query = Self

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