Trait diesel::query_dsl::JoinOnDsl[][src]

pub trait JoinOnDsl: Sized {
    fn on<On>(self, on: On) -> OnClauseWrapper<Self, On> { ... }

Specify the ON clause for a join statement. This will override any implicit ON clause that would come from joinable!


let data = users::table
            posts::title.eq("My first post"))
    .select((users::name, posts::title.nullable()))
let expected = vec![
    ("Sean".to_string(), Some("My first post".to_string())),
    ("Tess".to_string(), None),
assert_eq!(Ok(expected), data);

Provided methods

fn on<On>(self, on: On) -> OnClauseWrapper<Self, On>[src]

See the trait documentation.

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impl<T: QuerySource> JoinOnDsl for T[src]

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